A practice referred to as spot relamping is used at most Industrial Facilities around the country. Operations identifies which lights have failed and submits a work request to the Maintenance Department. The planner/scheduler converts it to a work order and this is submitted to the electrical coordinator for action. It is then handed over to the lighting replacement team to carry out the work. The lighting replacement team arranges a permit
to work and then carries out the relamping. Within a few weeks this procedure can occur all over again.

This practice also leads to poor lighting levels, as the lamp is only replaced when it fails. However, as all lamps age and near the end of their life they produce less and less light.
This is referred to as lamp lumen depreciation (LLD).

Best Practice for large facilities around the world is a different method of lamp replacement, it is referred to as Planned Lighting Maintenance and includes three main aspects:
  • Group Relamping
  • Fixture Cleaning
  • Inspection
A Planned Lighting Maintenance Programme will:
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce cost of lamps through purchasing in larger quantities
  • Produce higher light levels over the life of the lighting system
  • Generate lighting upgrade opportunities such as reduced-output energy saving lamps
  • Ensure proper inspection and upkeep of lighting system
elex khanyisa can provide a Planned Lighting Maintenance Programme that will improve and ensure consistent recommended light levels and at the same time reduce costs through improved efficiencies of labour resources and through purchasing lamps in large quantities.

Group Relamping
Group relamping is a planned maintenance strategy that entails replacing all lamps in a system at scheduled intervals when lamp lumen depreciation and the lamp failure rate make it economical to do so.

elex khanyisa will create and maintain a database that will include quantity and type of lamps in the various plants, the date of group relamping, number of spot relamping between group relamping and next scheduled relamping date.

At 70% of rated life of the lamp or when 10% of the lamps of the previous group relamping are logged to have failed appears to be the most economical range to conduct group relamping. Our calculations are based on these statistics.

Fixture Cleaning
Periodic fixture cleaning ensures that all diffusers allow the maximum light output.

Group relamping will allow us the opportunity to carry out detailed inspections. Through this we will be able to identify defects such as cracked lamp holders and loose wiring.
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